Checking headlice

Once a Week Take a Peek

Checking your child’s hair only takes a few minutes and can easily become a routine, just
like brushing their teeth or combing their hair.


Step 1

Use a comb made for the purpose, ideally white so the lice can be seen easily and with teeth no more than 0.3mm apart in order to trap head lice. 


Step 2

Comb through the hair using a conditioner, which can help make the process more comfortable


Step 3

Ensure the lighting in the room is good.
Make sure you divide the child’s hair into sections and insert the comb at the roots before gliding outwards


Step 4

You are looking for a living, moving louse. They range in size from a full stop to a sesame seed depending on their age. When it first hatches, a young louse (known as a nymph) is transparent but after its first blood meal, it will darken to a greyish brown colour. Head lice live on, or very close to, the scalp and don’t wander far along the hair shaft unless encouraged to move to a new head.

How to check

You can also learn more about checking for head lice and nits by watching our animation

Need to keep your little ones occupied whilst checking their hair?
Our Louis the Louse story should keep them engaged for a few